Yoshihiro Akino

Yoshihiro Akino

A native of Tsuruoka City in Yamagata Prefecture, Mr. Akino started archery when he joined the Kyudo club at high school. He continued to practice while studying at Chuo University and served as Vice-President of the Kyudo Club there. After graduation, he was appointed as a prefectural police officer and continued to love Kyudo as a hobby. He has returned to his alma mater high school to coach for the past twenty-five years, and since 2016, has also coached the Yamagata University Kyudo Club. As well as many years of coaching experience, Mr. Akino has achieved the title of Renshi, and the level of Sixth Dan in his Kyudo practice. He has also pursued Kendo to the fifth dan, though he is currently taking a break from it. As well as these disciplines, he enjoys collecting and appreciating fine Japanese calligraphy.   Message to participants in the Kyudo Experience: “To the degree that Judo is well-known, I would like to introduce Kyudo to people all around the world, for them to know the goodness and traditional beauty of archery. I hope that you can feel not only the joy of it, but also the spirit of seeking ‘correctness’ and the simplicity and sophistication in traditional Japanese archery.”

Yoshihiro Akino

Kyudo Experience

Kyudo Master Renshi, 6th Dan

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