Mai Goto

Mai Goto

Mai grew up around her family’s souvenir shop in Yamadera, in the mountains at the edge of Yamagata City, and now has three children of her own, aged 8, 10, and 12. A short-term study abroad trip after graduating high school fostered in her a passion for travel and learning about different cultures. One of the main things she learned from her travels, however, is the reaffirmation of the beauty and wonder of her hometown, Yamadera. She describes herself as cheerful, optimistic, and a people-person. She worked for some time as an English tutor for young children before getting married and becoming involved in the local tourism industry again. She hopes to convey the beauty of Yamadera, and its changing expressions every season, to as many people as possible. She cherishes customers like family and friends, and her hospitality will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Message to participants of The Hidden Path of Zen at Yamadera: “Let me take you to my favourite places, and feel the power of nature together.”

Mai Goto


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Yamabushi Guided Pilgrimage on Mt. Haguro of the Dewa Sanzan

Trek with Yamabushi: Mount Haguro 

Group Size Price Per Person Two ¥77,000 Three ¥57,000 Four ¥49,000 Five or more ¥45,000

Kurokawa Noh Village 

Group Size Price Per Person Two ¥65,000 Three ¥45,000 Four ¥35,000 Five ¥28,000 Six or more ¥27,000

Kyudo Japanese Archery 



Yabase, Tsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan

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