Kaoru Akiyama

Kaoru Akiyama

Born and raised in Kurokawa Village, in the hinterland of Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, in 2005, she married into the family of the Kurokawa Noh actors, and soon experienced the work behind the scenes of the annual Ogisai Festival. The following year, she found a job at the Kurokawa Noh Conservation Society and has also worked at the Kurokawa Noh Ogikaikan, while also running her farm guesthouse. She credits her accounting training with her strict attention to detail, but admits that she has more relaxed attitude in certain things. Her hobbies include painting and tea ceremony. She believes there are so many things to learn from Kurokawa Noh, and that it is a chance for life-long learning. Her favorite topics are the history of the Ogisai festival events and the local cuisine. She is always seeking to learn more about food, especially the local specialties and traditional dishes.   Message to participants of the Kurokawa Noh Village Experience: “Kurokawa’s location in the mountains between Dewa Sanzan and the Shonai Plains connects Noh, agriculture, and food culture in specials ways that have been developed and maintained through generations of hard work.”

Kaoru Akiyama

Kurokawa Noh Village

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