Haruki Sato

Haruki Sato

Haruki was born and raised in Dewaya Inn, in Nishikawa town, at the mountainous heart of Yamagata. He is the fourth generation proprietor and chef of this traditional guesthouse, where he combines local sansai (mountain vegetables) traditions with his formal chef’s training in Tokyo restaurants over ten years ago. His personal motto is “make things from the mountains” and his professional motivation is to share mountain and foraging knowledge with the wider world. He firmly believes that by actually experiencing the mountain yourself, you can understand these things better than reading books or listening to explanations. Message to participants of Mountain Foraging at Dewaya Inn: “I hope you can deeply feel a Japanese way of life through the natural and traditional treasures here in Nishikawa.”
Haruki Sato of Dewaya in Nishikawa

Haruki Sato


Head Chef

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