Kanae Soma

Kanae Soma

Kanae joined our team in 2016 just as we were getting off the ground. Kanae spent nearly 20 years working in product development and overseas market expansion in a soy sauce company. She aims to use this experience in providing deeper programs made in conjunction with the local community.

Whenever Kanae feels at a loss or unsure what to do, she pops her head out the window to take in the view of the Dewa Sanzan in search of the right answer.

Kanae Soma


Project Leader

Our Team

Takeharu Kato of Megurun

Takeharu Kato 

Kanae Soma 

Tim Bunting 

Our Guides

Eiji Shinozaki from Zenpoji Temple in Tsuruoka

Eiji Shinozaki 

Kaoru Akiyama 

Yumi Sato of Dewaya in Nishikawa

Yumi Sato 

Our Experiences

Trek with Yamabushi: Winter in Haguro 

Kyudo Japanese Archery 

Kurokawa Noh Village 




Yabase, Tsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan

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