Shinji Kashima

Shinji Kashima

Born in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, after graduating from high school, he became a jazz musician. He went to America at the age of 25 and set himself up in New York where he started guiding work. After returning to Japan, he settled in Yamagata Prefecture where he met his wife. His professional motivation is the happiness of those around him. He cherishes the unique interactions with others through his work, and enjoys absorbing different values and ways of thinking. He describes himself as easy-going and enjoys hiking and hunting in his free time. Message to participants of The Hidden Path of Zen at Yamadera: “While my main focus is to provide fun guiding, I cherish every encounter with individual visitors. We will share the experience of the tour for a short time, but we will always have the fun memories!”

Shinji Kashima


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Yasuo Shibuya foraging for mushrooms on Mt. Gassan for Dewaya in Nishikawa

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