Kazuhiro Hayasaka

Kazuhiro Hayasaka

Born and raised at the foot of Mount Haguro, Mr. Hayasaka is the 17th generation proprietor of Daishinbo Pilgrimage Lodge. After attending university in Tokyo, he moved to Sendai for work. At 29, he returned to Mount Haguro and became a Yamabushi, in order to carry on the family business. His hobbies are intertwined with the mountains, including hiking, skiing, and foraging for mountain vegetables. Until his father’s generation, Daishinbo was one of only two lodges which facilitated the Fuyunomine Winter Peak Ritual, one of the most intense ascetic traditions in these mountains. 

Message to participants of the Trek with Yamabushi Experiences:

“By wearing the white clothing of the Yamabushi and entering the sacred sanctuaries of the mountain, you can feel the natural energy and the power of the prayers which people have dedicated. This experience, including purification will be unique and irreplaceable. I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

Kazuhiro Hayasaka of Daishinbo Shukubo Pilgrim Lodge on Mt. Haguro

Kazuhiro Hayasaka

Daishinbo Pilgrim Lodge on Mt. Haguro

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