Lisa Wynne

Lisa Wynne

Lisa lived in Yamagata for over four years, when she got to know the local mountains by name. She first became acquainted with the Yamabushi, in a focus group organized by the Dewa Sanzan shrine. This resulted in her writing the copy for a new English-language pamphlet for Mount Haguro, and a new curiosity for the history and culture of these mountains. Through participating in Shugyo training and pilgrimage walks in the Dewa Sanzan, she found both the peace and the adventure of learning. Now she is back home in Ireland, seeking new lessons and meditations in the Irish hills and valleys. With the Megurun team, she is ready to answer your questions and provide insightful and practical information to participants.

Lisa Wynne


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Lisa Wynne 

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Trek with Yamabushi: Winter in Haguro 

Yamabushi Guided Pilgrimage on Mt. Haguro of the Dewa Sanzan

Trek with Yamabushi: Mount Haguro 



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